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Musical Sampling - Adventure Brass (KONTAKT) REPACK - сэмплы духовых kontakt 
30.09.2016, 22:15

Musical Sampling - Adventure Brass (KONTAKT) REPACK

Издатель: Musical Sampling
Сайт: musicalsampling.com/adventure-brass/
Качество: 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
Размер: 3.11 GB

Библиотека медных духовых. Как и в Soaring Strings, создатели хотели сделать очень простое управление для получения правдоподобной партии меди: понадобятся только клавиши и колесо модуляции. Также есть функция "гуманизации". Особенности репака: все сэмплы (8000 штук) упакованы в контейнеры. Контакт 5.5.0.
While not the biggest, baddest, wettest brass library out there, Adventure Brass accomplishes what we initially set out to do; to create an instrument that is first and foremost, fun to play.
Second, and very much like Soaring Strings, we sought to really limit the controls needed to achieve a believable brass line. Just your keys and the modwheel. We've also included an adjustable "Humanization" feature, which automatically staggers the starts and ends of individual notes to help enhance a quantized passage.
Third, we recorded medium-sized sections that would treat well to both unison and harmonic passages with believable transparency. Except the Tuba -- I think we can all agree one of those is enough.
Last but not least, to get that intangible little somethin' -- why not record in Los Angeles; a town with some experience performing and recording for film and television.

* Recorded in Los Angeles
* Section sizes: 2 Trumpets, 4 Horns, 2 Trombones, 1 Tuba
* "Morph Stacking" programming allows any note length to sound natural
* Flexible Releases: Automatically selects appropriate release based on note length
* Recorded in traditional seating arrangement
* Adjustable "Humanization" feature
* "To Silence" feature
* "Solo Trumpet Overlay" feature
* True playable repetitions for trumpets
* Three mic positions: Close, Room, Mixed
* 3.1 GB uncompressed
* Compatible with Kontakt 5.5.1+ (requires full version of Kontakt)

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