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Future Loops - Dread Bass Drops (REX2, WAV) - сэмплы hip hop 
02.02.2016, 15:06

Future Loops - Dread Bass Drops (REX2, WAV)

Издатель: Future Loops
Сайт: producerloops.com
Формат: REX2, WAV
Качество: 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер:  844.5 MB 

Future Loops is proud to release 'Dread Bass Drops', a Jahlicious collection of over 700 reggae & dub bass loops in WAV & REX format.'Dread Bass Drops' harnesses all the sub-sonic power and raw energy that come from the traditional reggae & dub basslines. 

Featuring contagious performances from the very best in the field 'Dread Bass Drops' comes in 5 different tempos - 70 BPM, 77 BPM, 85 BP, 90 BPM and 95 BPM – and loops were performed in a wide variety of keys.
This fresh collection of dubbed bass grooves includes 2 different bass sounds: one bass is clean yet still has a strong presence and the other bass is gritty and drenched in a sub-bass overdrive personality. And with over 700 (!) loops you are sure to get a huge variety of inspirational bass drops and playing styles.
'Dread Bass Drops' is an absolutely essential tool for any producer looking for high quality bass loops in their dub & reggae tracks - of course that you can always apply some of your production magic on these samples and use them in other genres such as Ambient, Hip-Hop, laid-back Electronica or even a more organic Dubtep.


Here’s what’s inside 'Dread Bass Drops':
755 Reggae/Dub Bass Loops:
• 165 Bass Loops at 70 BPM (Amin, Bbmin-Maj, Fmaj-EbMaj)
• 144 Bass Loops at 77 BPM (Bmin, GMaj)
• 152 Bass Loops at 85 BPM (BbMaj, CMaj, Emin-Amin, Gmin)
• 152 Bass Loops at 90 BPM (Abmin, Bmin, Dmin)
• 142 Bass Loops at 95 BPM (Amin, DMaj, Dmin)

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