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Sounds To Sample - Mightyfools Bassline & Electro - сэмплы electro, сэмплы баса 
24.03.2013, 12:45

Sounds To Sample - Mightyfools Bassline & Electro

Формат: ACIDized WAV
Качество:  stereo, 24 bit, 44100 kHz
Размер: 225 MB

Over 220MB of funky, freaky and furious fidget, bassline and electro-house from Dutch masters Mightyfools - all presented in pristine 24-bit quality.

Combining elements of nu-rave, electro and house, fidget has stormed dancefloors worldwide over the past year.

Instrumental in the rise of the scene are Amsterdam's Mightyfools. With this their debut sample collection, the sounds of the global dancefloor phenomena are brought exclusively to Sounds/To/Sample.

Featuring banging bass loops, deep and dirty drum loops, sizzling synths and an extensive arsenal of drum hits, combis and FX to boot, all sounds are Acidized and recorded at an industry standard 128bpm. 250+ sounds in total - all with the S2S seal of quality.

Designed with pure dancefloor devastation in mind, it won't be long before this release is earmarked as a future classic.

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