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Steinberg - Urban Atmospheres 5.1 DVD4 (AIFF) - звуковые эффекты - атмосферные звуки 
19.11.2014, 13:03

Steinberg - Urban Atmospheres 5.1 DVD4 (AIFF)

Разработчик: _http://www.steinbergcanada.com/products/soundware/u..._atmospheres.htm
Формат: AIFF Audio
Размер:  4.1 GB

Urban Atmospheres are high-end sound environments professionally recorded in 5.1 surround that offer unequalled spatial characteristics and pristine sound quality. The SPL Atmos System was used to record 23 indoor and outdoor locations, spanning 95 scenes. These astoundingly authentic recordings were compiled onto 9 DVDs in AIFF format, ready for immediate use in any pro audio system - format independent.
Urban Atmospheres are perfectly suited for any use in sound-tracking or dubbing, be it for film, TV, theater, music or radio plays, or anywhere you need to create a spatially realistic acoustic environment.
Because the unique construction kits containing background atmospheric recordings with no conspicuous audio events are combinable with the included foreground events, you can mould the material to suit any requirements or even build your own, even more complex acoustic environments with no additional software required.

12.01 Roulette Table 1
12.02 Roulette Table 2
12.03 Roulette Ball
12.04 R Ball & Announcement
12.05 Slot Machines
12.06 Lucky Wheel
13.01 Billiards Hall
14.01 Bank
15.01 Museum Hall
15.02 Museum Med Room
15.03 Museum Small Room
15.04 Museum Quiet Passage
15.05 Footsteps in Museum
16.01 Cathedral Square 1
16.02 Cathedral Square 2
16.03 Bells From Square
16.04 Bells Outside Tower
16.05 Bells Inside Tower
16.06 Church Organ Prelude

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