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[Groove3] First Song with Logic Pro X [2015, ENG] - видеоуроки на английском 
17.09.2015, 00:58

[Groove3] First Song with Logic Pro X [2015, ENG]

Год выпуска: 2015
Производитель: Groove3
Сайт производителя: groove3.com
Автор: Timothy Allan
Продолжительность: 1ч 50мин
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Размер:  528.9 MB

In this fantastic series, Timothy Allan shows you how to go from just a few loops to a complete dance floor powerhouse production, starting with an intro to the series, and then demonstrating some important session housekeeping ideas. Timothy then dives right into Importing and Manipulating Loops, Drums, and Plug-Ins.
Timothy now shows you how to Record Chords, Use Samplers and Logic's built-in Drummer and other features to Build-Up and Arrange Your Loops into a complete song. Finally, Timothy finishes off with Mixing Technique videos and How to Export your masterpiece and share it with the world.
Whether you're new to Logic Pro X, or to making digital music in your computer in general, "First Song in Logic Pro X" will help you get started and then some. 


Introduction 2m:39s
Housekeeping 2m:45s
Importing & Flex Time 5m:35s
Folded Kick Drums 4m:15s
Audio Plug-Ins 5m:12s
Single Hit Sampler 4m:11s
Chord Trigger MIDI FX 7m:41s
Looping & Drawing 5m:17s
MIDI Sidechaining 7m:26s
Track Stacks 8m:20s
Drummer Intro 9m:19s
Automation Buildup 5m:31s
Arranging 5m:55s
More Automation 5m:02s
Bounce in Place 5m:49s
Crash FX 3m:07s
Vocal Snippets 6m:20s
Amps & Pedals 4m:45s
Sends & Aux Busses 4m:40s
Limiting & Exporting 6m:37s

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