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Bigga Giggas - ARP Solina for Gigasampler (GIG) - сэмплы GIG 
30.10.2015, 16:46

Bigga Giggas - ARP Solina for Gigasampler (GIG)

Издатель: Bigga Giggas
Сайт: www.biggagiggas.com
Формат: GIG
Размер:  305.7 MB

The samples are long, around 15 seconds, and looped after about 10 seconds, so most of the time you will play the unlooped sound. This collection uses the unique qualities of the Gigasampler to emulate the ARP Solina in a way that no sampler has been able to before.
Features multi instruments with several different voice combinations and key-switched features that gives you several different attack/release variations and also some unique filter variations.

In the late 70’s, a new creature appeared on the synth scene, the ARP Solina String Ensemble.
With voices like violin, viola, trumpet, horn, cello and contrabass, the ARP Solina provided you possibilities to produce a multitude of sounds. The heavy-duty construction and ease of use made this synthesizer the immediate standard of the industry for string sounds., especially in “live” performance settings. The “String Machine” was favoured and used by artists like Air, The Eagles, Elton John, The Cure, Joy Division, Josh Wink and New Order 

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