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G-Sonique Dubmaster Liquid Delay 1.0 
23.02.2013, 21:50

G-Sonique has released Dubmaster - Liquid Delay, a BPM synchronized delay with special feature called "DubRhythm" which allows you to "set the smooth non-rhythmic distortion that makes the specific smoked sound known from Jamaican Reggae and Dub tracks". It includes all the necessary features for setting the wide spectrum of various sound echoes:
Delay Module for setting various number of stages 1-8.
Feedback amount.
LR pan.
Dry/Wet feature.

The original liquid sound is also generated by a unique FX module called Liquid Phase. It's a special modulation effect which combines a specific phase modulator and flanger. It allows you to produce a wide spectrum of variously colored echoes - from crystal glittering sound through stoned Jamaica vintage to total psychedelic twisted modulations that may surprise you. The Dry/Wet knob for adjusting the level of the effect is included as well, of course.

The original liquid sound is enhanced by a filter unit with three analog-modeled Low pass, Band pass and High pass filters with adjustable value of Cut off, Resonance and smoothly adjustable level of Drive, which makes the classic saturated distorted sound. In addition the Dubmaster - Liquid Delay also contains a free-running Low Frequency Oscillator which can modulate the filter by the Saw, Sine, Triangle and Square waves with adjustable level of rate and depth.

Feature highlights:
BPM Synchronized Dub Delay unit with Feedback, Pan and Dry/Wet control. Also includes special feature called DubRhythm for smooth non-rhythmical time distortions in classic dub/reggae style.
Module for set-up number of echo stages (from 1 to 8).
Special FX module called "Liquid phase effect unit" with parameters like: Tone, Depth, Frequency, Jet, Dry/Wet and unique crystal clear liquid sound.
Virtual analog filter stage with Low pass, Band Pass, High pass filters with juicy liquid analog sound and classic parameters like Cutoff and Resonance + non-linear saturation effect with adjustable parameter Drive.
Free running Low frequency oscillator (LFO), which can modulate cutoff of filters with waves like Saw, Sine, Triangle and Square with adjustable amount of rate and depth.
Control parameters of Input and Output sound level and Bypass On/Off switch.
Preset manager.
Digital algorithms written in C++ / Assembler based on codes from DSP chips.
More than 40 presets modeled for using with drums, percussions, guitars, bass and other instruments.

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