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Ueberschall - 80s Punk & New Wave (elastik) - сэмплы retro Elastik 
03.02.2015, 02:29

Ueberschall - 80s Punk & New Wave (elastik)

Год выпуска: 2007
Разработчик: Ueberschall
Формат: elastik
Таблэтка: Присутствует
Размер:  1.64 GB

Punk and so called: "New Wave" tracks with construction kit method phrases & loops. Inspired by only the rudest guitar driven LA Punk, NY Punk, UK Punk, Ska, Hardcore, PostPunk and New Wave from the early and up to mid eighties.

Poison Kontrol
Loads of intoxicated licks from guitars, bass, keys, drums and more. All loops are based on live performances from mic'd stacks, kits and analog favorites of the time. With choice of Dry mix or 80ies infected over-bloated commercial saturation for all loops. Uncivilized drumkit multi-tracks from kick, snare, toms, hihats and overheads for each c-kit mix are included.

Produce and mix songs, cues, parts and more like legends in the game. All the content was influenced by acts such as:
The Sex Pistols, The Police, Madness, The Ramones + others.
This sets material is also the right choice if you wanna push towards indie punk styled bands like: The Strokes, The Hives and The Libertines. Overall a high energy, edgy
collection you won't want to miss. Minimalist, well recorded arrangements with excessive rawness.

Pure Filth!
Доп. информация: ТОЛЬКО БАНК!!! 

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