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Powered Acoustic - Drum Kits (EXS, WAV, NKI, KT3, SXT, SF2, GIG) - сэмплы ударных 
05.12.2015, 01:58

Powered Acoustic - Drum Kits (EXS, WAV, NKI, KT3, SXT, SF2, GIG)

Издатель: Powered Acoustic
Сайт: magesy.me
Формат: EXS, WAV, NKI, KT3, SXT, SF2, GIG
Качество: 16 bit 44.1 kHz stereo
Размер:  397.5 MB

POWER ROCK DRUMS Kits - high quality collection of original powered acoustic drum kits with modern rock and pop/rock sound.
• Powered Acoustic Drum Kits is an incredibly well-thought-out 15 kit one-shot drum samples library.
• As its title states, - all of the samples in this collection are extremely powerful and punchy, but in the same time still keep acoustic characteristics.
• This collection is especially noteworthy because its sounds are ready to go right out of the box. All samples is already sampled with beautiful room and also processed with gentle EQ and soft-knee vintage valve compression. The samples were processed using some of the most classic analog gear from both past and present. 


15 totally different kits: each kit contains original BD, SD, Rimshot, HH (variations: close, half open and open), Crashes, Splash, Rides and Toms.
16 bit PCM WAV format, ready for use in ACID, Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Pro Tools and all samplers and software compatible with 16 bit WAV format files.
Additionally, huge variety of samplers programs included on this CD from many popular formats: Kontakt nki, Battery kt3, Logic exs, Sampletank sxt, Soundfont sf2 and GIG.
Sample key position meets GM standards.

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